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Therapeutic Massage

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Productive Relaxation

What is your pain trying to tell you?

Find your bliss in this relaxing environment with therapeutic grade essential oils. Therapeutic massages provide productive relaxation through deep tissue + neuromuscular trigger point therapy.

Hands on body work is paired with an integrative look into what your pain is trying to tell you
, to facilitate the lasting release you need. All massage therapy can be performed with any level of clothing, based on client comfort.

What to Expect...

Regulate Hormones. Detoxify. Build Immunity. Reduce Fatigue.

Productive massage tailored to your personal goals and needs.

Neuromuscular Therapy to release trigger points and deep rooted tension. Through direct pressure, the pain-spasm cycle is interrupted, causing the contracted muscle to relax.

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Get ready to connect back to yourself

Dive into deep relaxation where outer distractions are muted, allowing you to fully connect to your body.

Through my guidance and facilitation, allow yourself to listen clearly to your body to truly discover what your body is trying to tell you through your pain?

Release toxins and stress patterns that are causing pain, disease and reoccurring symptoms. 

All treatments include the use of 100% pure Young Living therapeutic grade Essential Oils. 

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"AMAZING MASSAGE! I’ve had numerous massages over the years and Emily ranks up there with the best. Do yourself a favor and book today! Exceptional."

"Emily is a true professional. Her massages are exceptional. She takes the time to listen & understand What will be helpful to you in a massage. She knows how to move things around without any pain & when you leave there, you feel brand new- You should definitely try Emily If you want a total massage that is enjoyable & healing."

"Had massages for the last 35 years and I have to say that Emily has been a lifesaver for me. I came to her with an injury with little movement In my arms shoulders neck and back. I didn’t even think I could get a massage from the pain I was going through. Somehow she knew exactly where to start with my problem and after only two visits, I was able to lift my arms, put my coat on, carry my purse, fasten my seatbelt etc-basic things we take for granted. Not out of the woods yet but 75% improvement in a very short time! I’m here to tell you that without her, I wouldn’t have been able to these simple movements and I will continue seeing her as long as it takes to get back to a pain free life. She has great knowledge of the physical body and a genuine caring bedside manner. If you have muscle soreness or just want the best relaxing massage you've ever had, you gotta get a massage from Emily. Extremely clean facility and so relaxing on the heated table. I actually fell asleep during the last massage. Five stars!"

"I had such a great massage with Emily today! I woke up the other day with really sharp pain in my shoulder whenever I lifted my arm up. When I explained this to her, she knew exactly what I was experiencing and how to work it out. Not only did she work it out, but she also helped me understand the complicated shoulder and what could be going on. I will definitely return to Emily on a regular basis."

"Emily is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled Massage Therapist. She was very interested in my diagnosis and helping with my path for recovery (from my injury). The location is convenient and her room is warm and inviting. Money well spent!"

"Emily is intuitive and the results are immediate."

"Emily is great at what she does and creates a very relaxing environment."