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Myofascial Release

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Remove Stagnation + Resistance Through Cupping + Gua Sha

Accelerate your body's natural ability to heal

Release toxins + blockages

Build healthy tissue

Relieve stress + pain

Through suction, the skin is lifted off the fascia, releasing any lactic acid stuck in between.

Removing toxins from parts of the body where they're not flushing easily. 

Decrease pain through increased mobility. Tight fascia restricts movement of muscles, tendons, joints and energy.


the connective tissue that wraps around the muscles. When this gets tight, it's like your muscle is stuck in a straight jacket

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Gua Sha

Scraping on the skin to move stagnation, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. 

Constricted energy flow can cause acute and accelerated pain. Release stagnation + allow energy to flow freely.

This helps the body communicate with itself better and gives the body a better chance to heal itself!

Get Unstuck

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Emotions are expressed physically in our bodies through various postures. When not fully processed, emotions such as stress + anxiety can get stuck in the body due to resisting full expression of these postures. 

Cupping + Gua Sha

Expect to detox

Whether through suction from cupping or scraping from gua sha, toxins are released. 

Shakes, sweats, nausea, runny nose, irritability, anger, fatigue, soreness, etc.
It’s important to note that these detox symptoms are healthy and are your body’s way of sifting out the toxins being released. Your feedback helps reduce the severity and avoid overwhelming your system.

Plan to take it slow to see how your body responds. YOUR PERSONALIZED TREATMENT PLAN is made accordingly as you build up a tolerance. 

Working the fascia can be a little more painful/intense than deep tissue massage. If deep tissue isn’t your thing, this might not be for you. It gets easier each treatment, as your tissue gets healthier.
I have facial cups that offer a more delicate approach and can be used all over. We take breaks from the cups and some sessions we just do deep tissue massage, stretch, range of motion and joint flushing.
YOU play an important role in your therapy. We listen to what your body is asking for.

* Marks on skin last 3-7 Days.