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I target the root of the problem by facilitating my clients in understanding
what their pain is trying to tell them.

My Philosophies

Pain, disease, illness and discomfort are all symbolic forms of communication from the body. It’s your body trying to talk to you, trying to make you aware that something is out of balance. I look at the physical pain you are experiencing through this core lense. 

I combine this integral component with hands on body work and energy healing modalities for immediate and lasting relief. Each session uses a combination of treatment forms.

Being out of alignment shouldn't be normal

When your emotional responses to things are not serving you nor those around you, it creates resistance in your life. Resistance creates tension. Tension creates pain. Pain creates injury. Injury creates stress. Stress creates tension... and the pain cycle continues. 


Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue + Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, Productive Relaxation. 


Grigorian Method®: Specialized Stretch & Range of Motion Therapy for Joint Mobility & Posture Correction.

Reiki + Energy Healing

Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Gua Sha to Stimulate Movement of Stuck or Stagnant Qi (Energy) & Myofascial Release.

Intergrated Mindset 

Seeing Symptoms as Forms of Communication and Finding Balance with Mindful Habits & Choices.

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Reiki + Energy Healing

Grigorian Method®


All Treatments include a combination of therapeutic treatments.
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